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Go Green Miracle Balm uses in the summer

While I initially created Go Green Miracle Balm for itchy dry winter skin, there are several uses for Go Green Miracle balm in the summer time as well! First off, I am fortunate to live in a community that has a swimming pool. The chlorine that keeps the pool clean, is essentially bleach which of course is very drying to our skin and hair. Go Green Miracle Balm is the perfect remedy for your skin after a day in the sun, or at the beach or swimming pool.  

I personally use A LOT of sun screen, as I hope you do too!  I noticed that the sunscreen is very difficult to wash off during a shower, so I tried a little experiment, and the results were fantastic! I actually applied Go Green  Miracle Balm BEFORE going into the shower! The results? It made the sunscreen wash right off! No scrubbing needed!!!!

I also use Go Green Miracle Balm  on the ends of my hair, it stopped the split ends and tames the frizz that often happens in the humidity of summer. I just run a pea size amount through all of my hair before applying my hair products. Its truly fantastic! 

I like to go barefoot a lot in the summertime. But, my feet suffer the consequences. I use Go Green Miracle balm on my feet every night to keep my feet soft and scale free.

I found at least on person who didn't like the name Go Green Miracle Balm, and that's just fine with me, as I named it as a description for what it really is! It's a real Miracle to dry skin sufferers, and any other skin types that want a natural product for ALL skin issues.

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