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Doctors, Nurses, Tech's, and Teachers Thank you!

I just wanted to take a minute to make mention of all of the doctors, dentists, nurses, doctor/dental technicians, and teachers who are big supporters of Go Green Miracle Balm! Thank you so much!!!

Everyone loves natural products, especially those folks who are constantly washing their hands due to their profession. As a small business, I decided to target my own personal doctors office, and dental office as a test market. I gave out samples while on several visits to my doc's offices. The feedback was both encouraging and overwhelming!! It truly is a wonderful feeling to receive such total acceptance from such a prestigious community. My doctor even asked me for additional samples so that he could give them out to his patience!  Dr. Zee confirmed that the anti-inflammatory properties of the Arnica oil is very beneficial to those suffering from eczema and psoriasis, and that the overall properties of my formula is "extremely beneficial" to those suffering from dry skin as Go Green Miracle Balm actually absorbs into your skin, hydrating skin from the inside out". 

So thanks again! If any other doctors or nurses would like to try out Go Green Miracle Balm, just contact me and I will set you up! Thanks again!  

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